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An American Civil War mod (just an idea...maybe it could be)

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:44 am    Post subject: An American Civil War mod (just an idea...maybe it could be) Reply with quote

I've searched this entire forum and I haven't found one instance of a Civil War mod, except a few mentions of one. But I've figured it out:

Huge Gameplay Overhaul
- Muskets will do major damge to lines each volley (I'm talking dozens of men falling at once
- Artillery has a longer range (historically due to rifled guns) but they will do less damage to lines, like the original IG.
- Cavalry will play a minor role in a battle, and they will be in smaller numbers and wont devestate lines in combat
- New formations, one to replace the square formations, like open order formation, with the men in a spread out formation. And other Civil War formations to play with to replace Napoleonic ones.

-New buildings, new ones for the Southern states like barnes, houses, fences wide open fields
-Ones for the North, stone walls, small farms forested areas, city buildings, factories
- And maybe trenches and other field fortifications

-Some maps are scripted, we could make different maps with different scenarios like Picketts Charge, Battle of Little Round Top, some siege scenarios about storming fortifications

-Standard line infantry for both sides, special famous units like the 20th Maine or the Lousiana tigers.
- Elite units for the factions, especially for Zouaves. They have increased stats and can make a diffrence in battle

The Factions
- The Union
- The Confederacy
- Native American factions?

-Since Native americans fought on both sides of the war, there can be a special building available that is commited to hiring Natives for your faction
-but there can be Native American factions, stationed towards the West that will come in and attack.

Campaign starting positions
- Territories will be split up into cities that make up states. The Confederacy will control the southern state cities and the North will control the northern state cities.
- Territories in the West will just be plain large clumps of land that are states, like Utah would be one clump representing Utah with one settlement in the middle. The Native Americans will be in those sectors.
Once we find out which Native American factions will be made then we can decide which territory they get.

Almost forgot NAVAL BATTLES
- Naval battles will keep all the ship models
- New units, to be specific- IRONCLADS, which will be more diffcult to kill than the regular ship of the line.
- Ships will do alot of damage to eachother during battle so you will have maneuvar alot to avoid defeat.
- With Ironclads, you will be able to turn the tide of battle if youre losing.
- Ironclad types will consist of Moniters, Armoured ships, Merrimack class Ironclads.

I need comments and suggestions. I would actually like to make this mod so I might need a team, or at least someone who can do skins and models. Im able to do some of the other stuff. If youre willing to pitch in then PM me ore post here.

Thanks! Smile
"To be a good soldier you must love the army. To be a good commander you must be able to order the death of the thing you love."
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