CBEL Speed & Save Fix Steam

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CBEL Speed & Save Fix Steam

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Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Speed and Save Fix is posted at steam forum here
http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/s ... ?t=1236369

It's a modified exe and it's for steam version i do not know if it works on CD version

Info from readme file:
This is a fix for Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines - Steam Version.
Just backup the wargame.dir and the commandos.exe files and then extract the content to your game folder (usually steam\steamapps\common\commandos behind enemy lines\)

The files fix the annoying 'lightspeed gameplay' and the 'save\load error'.
The previous version of the fix had some minor bugs: not showing properly the mission briefings (wich is a serious bug for newcomers!) and lacks of translation to english in some parts of the game (i don't know why the old .exe was getting some phrases from the spanish language).

With this, i think you will have the gameplay as it should be!
Someone have noticed that the gameplay was a bit slow. I tested it on four pc's and one notebook and think the speed now is correct (i increased about 10%)

Have fun with this great game!
Doc. Garga

Little FAQ:

Q:Where are these files from?
A:They are a mix of edited and compiled parts of files from the boxed version, steam version, gog version, gamersgate version and no-cd .exe's (all of them are different ones)

Q:So, are you breaking some rules due to copyright?
A:Yes. (and No)

Q:Well, so is it dangerous for me to use the files?
A:I guess not. I think the 'steam support team for commandos' has left us! They will not fix the errors and will not use this fix. There are other steam games that you'll have to do some extra modifications on game files to have them to work properly.

Q:What do you think about steam?
A:I love steam... I have more than 80 games on my account and i will continuing to add games to it. And i think that steam isn't wrong by doesn't giving support for commandos... but, if you ask me what i think about selling 'broken games', my answer would be very different.

Q: Are you afraid that someone will ask you to remove the files from online sharing and/or pay for copyright!
A:Hellyeah... i'm afraid but as someone posted on the oldfix thread: We live only once!

Q:I want to contact you, is it possible?
A: Yes, of course. You can send a PM to Doc. Garga, or you can contact me by my e-mail: angelogomesdasilva@ig.com.br (this is my personal e-mail, not vinculed with steam)
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