Commandos 2 Destination Paris thoughts...

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Commandos 2 Destination Paris thoughts...

Post by iakovos »

Well, since I haven't seen any similar topic about it (unless someone is polite enough to direct me to one) just a brief thought:

I am currently playing the first proper mission and noticed that the commandos you get in contact with, apart from the thief and Natasha, are the sapper and the spy according to the written objectives. Sapper outdoors, the spy indoors.

But going through the keys I noticed that also the driver is available for that mission, although he seems to be held locked on the western part of the map. Is this a fluke? Like you wanted to have him too but decided not to use him instead? So he remains hold up in there?

Got me confused at the beginning till I discovered the spy.

Excellent mode btw.

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Post by Twitch »

I found the same thing. Driver is a no go. Inferno can crawl under the barbed wire without cutting it, however, after clearing mines!
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I used the driver

Post by comamandoscarsking »

Well i used the driver to knock out first soldier, steal his rifle, shoot the mechanic and when th eother soldiers comes i shot him, jumped into the sea and met up with the thief.

:wink: p.s:iI used the flamethrower to get rid of the mines. :D
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Bonus mission 7

Post by ZachariasDk »

Hm, anyone else experiensed this bug:

In the 7th bonus mission, the objective doesn't tick off when i kill all the 11 admirals. I've tried driving them over, using grenades, even putting a timed bomb in the middle of them so they all exploded at the same time but it just doesn't tick. I've done every other objective and have tried to go into the two last planes but without luck.

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Post by squallzinn »

I can't refill the poison syringe with the full capacity, it seems one dose from the recharge bottle is like three doses in the syringe.

Some enemies uniformes are glitched, I think the new ones.

There is a way to use the features of the mod, but using the amount of enemies and Commandos of the original game?

Sometimes the game get unsynchronized on the multiplayer and I have to replace the save file to the others PCs.
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